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The majority of voters in the U.S. support mandatory vaccination

36% of respondents strongly support mandatory vaccinations, another 19% of respondents “support it one way or another”.

In the United States, about 68% of registered voters support the idea of mandatory vaccination against coronavirus. This was announced on Friday, July 30, according to The Hill, citing data from a survey conducted by it together with the Harris Research Service.

Thus, 36% of respondents reported their strong support for mandatory vaccinations, and 19% of respondents said that they “somehow support” this idea.

At the same time, 81% of the survey participants who have already been vaccinated and 30% of those who have not yet been vaccinated are in favor of mandatory vaccination. 32% of respondents were against mandatory vaccinations.

The survey was conducted from July 28 to 29 among 948 registered voters. The statistical error is about 3.18 percentage points.

Meanwhile, the deputy speaker of the White House, Karin Jean-Pierre, said at a briefing on Friday that the US administration is not currently considering the option of introducing the requirement of mandatory vaccination against coronavirus nationwide.

Earlier it was reported that New Yorkers will pay $100 for a coronavirus vaccination.

Recall that more than 60% of the adult population of the United States received COVID vaccinations.

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