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Americans ridiculed the breakdowns of Russian “Science” in space

The Americans reacted with sarcasm to the breakdowns of the Russian module “Science” on the ISS. In the comments to the Fox News article, American readers argued whether to trust Russia in space cooperation.

“Their outdated, imperfect hardware and software has been and remains a constant source of danger for this program. Today, Russia has almost lost its status as a nuclear power. There is no point in sparing their feelings in such matters. They should leave, “ one of the commentators wrote.

However, he was immediately told that for decades the Americans had not had cargo spaceships and were forced to “ask the Russians to give them a lift into space”: “Almost lost the status of a nuclear power”? Are you serious? Typical American arrogance.”

“In case you suddenly forgot: their outdated, imperfect equipment and software supported the supply of the International Space Station and the activities of its crew for a 10-year break from the last shuttle flight to the first commercial flight,” the user recalled.

American readers have also put forward several conspiracy theories. They featured a favorite product of Western propagandists — the ubiquitous “Russian hackers”. The classic “everything was set up” was not forgotten either:

“It is problematic to be on the ISS now. Russian hackers could easily have caught this “software failure”.

“Everything was set up. I'm not sure who could have done this. But we should expect more similar incidents in the future.”

One of the commentators intimidated his compatriots by saying that “ the guys who created this module also developed Russian nuclear weapons, missiles and nuclear reactors.”

“Which product of their production will fail next? Is it funny to you? In fact, this is not funny at all, “ he wrote.

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