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Trump has won primary elections in all 13 states

Trump has won primary elections in all 13 states

The current president of the United States did not have competitors to vote on “Super Tuesday.”

US President Donald Trump in Super Tuesday won the primary election in all 13 states where Republicans voted, AP reports.

Trump has won victories in Alabama, Arkansas, Vermont, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, California, Colorado, North Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, and Utah. In Maine and Minnesota, he has 100% of the vote due to a lack of rivals.

Trump competed with Massachusetts Governor William Floyd Weld and businessman Rocky DE la Fuentes.

At the same time, Democrats, former US vice president Joseph Biden, won eight states and Bernie Sanders, three, in the Democratic Super Democratic primary.

Another Democrat candidate, Michael Bloomberg, said after the primaries that he would consider leaving the presidential race. According to the publication, the Bloomberg headquarters are not satisfied with the results of the vote.

On the eve of the United States, the “Super Tuesday” took place — the day when primary elections are held in 14 states and in American Samoa, an overseas territory of the United States. They are determined by delegates who at the caucus (national congresses of parties) will support one or another candidate in the upcoming presidential elections on November 3.

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