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In China, suspected a leak of viruses from the US laboratory

The Chinese newspaper Renmin Jibao suspected the American laboratory at Fort Detrick of leaking dangerous viruses. It is noted that it was closed after outbreaks of pneumonia of unknown origin in its vicinity.

The laboratory, according to the newspaper, is a military base where materials about Nazi and Japanese “Detachment 731” bacteriological weapons are stored. It is noted that in July 2019 there were cases of pneumonia of unclear genesis in two nursing homes nearby, and in September a Maryland state report, where the facility is located, mentioned “pneumonia associated with e-cigarettes” and a rapid increase in those infected.

There were also reports of a significant increase in respiratory illnesses of unexplained origin, after which the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officially announced the closure of the Fort Detrick lab.

“Why did the U.S. close this biological laboratory? A possible reason could have been a leak. But a leak of what? And to what extent? All details were concealed under the pretext of 'national security and are a mystery until today,” the publication noted.

They added that an outbreak of the new type of coronavirus occurred in the United States a month earlier than in China. In addition, the country's National Institutes of Health said that as early as December 2019, the coronavirus began slowly spreading across the United States, according to Renmin Jibao.

The newspaper stressed that U.S. authorities were refusing to conduct their own investigation and verification by other entities. The authors of the article concluded that Washington will not be able to evade or hide from the topic, as it must adhere to the principles of transparency and fairness and allow scientists from other countries to study the situation.

Earlier, the head of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adanom Gebreyesus, warned that hard-won gains against the COVID-19 pandemic were at risk or reversed altogether, and health systems in many countries were overwhelmed. He explained that the situation is complicated by the “delta” variant of the coronavirus, which has already been detected in 132 countries worldwide.

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