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The owner of the pizzeria left a $1,800 tip at the cafe where his frozen pizza is served

The owner of a pizzeria from New York visited another institution and left almost $2 thousand tips there because they serve and praise the frozen pizza that he prepares, Fox News reports.

Frank Scavo, who owns Paesan's Pizza, which has several establishments throughout New York, came to a restaurant where Paesan's frozen pizza is prepared. The family made an order, and later Scavio asked the waiter to try out a piece and evaluate it.

According to the TV channel, a waiter named Raffaelle did not know that Scavio was the owner of Paesan's. After taking a bite of pizza, he highly appreciated the dish.

“Considering that it is a frozen pizza, I would say that I give it 8.4,” Raffaelle said.

After finishing dinner, Scavo left a tip of $1,840 to the waiter.

“He told me that it was $ 840... they are intended for me, and the remaining 1000 are for the rest of the restaurant. It is gratifying to see how the restaurant owner supports other local businesses, especially at such a time, “ the waiter said.

Earlier, the pianist earned more than $60 thousand in tips thanks to a stranger.

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