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Germany will introduce mandatory coronavirus tests for all visitors

Due to the increasing incidence of coronavirus infection, the German government is introducing mandatory testing for COVID-19 for all those entering the country.

The rule will apply to all persons over the age of 12 entering the territory of Germany. Previously, such a measure was applied only to air passengers. Testing will be carried out at the expense of visitors.

Those who have previously been ill and those who have a certificate of vaccination are not required to take a test for coronavirus. This rule does not apply to the so-called distribution regions. Persons arriving from these regions are required to present the test results even if they have been vaccinated or have been ill.

As new strains of coronavirus infection spread, Germany faced a worsening of the epidemiological situation. As of July 30, almost 3.8 million cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in Germany, the incidence has been increasing in recent weeks.

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