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A new virus infected thousands of smartphones and started stealing money

Thousands of Android smartphones have been infected with a new virus called Vultur. According to ArsTechnica, the malware was discovered by specialists of ThreatFabric, a cybersecurity company from Amsterdam.

It is noted that the malware is distributed including through the Google Play Store application store and is able to collect data in order to steal money from more than 100 banking and cryptocurrency applications.

According to experts, the dangerous software is also able to record the smartphone screen while using bank applications, while showing the owner of the gadget a fake page where you need to enter a username and password to log in. Due to the extremely high similarity of the fake interface with the real one, the victim does not suspect deception and easily enters all the data, passing it to cybercriminals. Thus, hackers can enter the username and password of the victim, and then transfer all his funds from the accounts to their own.

According to ThreatFabric, at least two applications available on Google Play are installing Vultur unnoticed by users. In total, about five thousand downloads of dangerous software were recorded. Thus, the victims of the malware can be more than several thousand. Experts said that hackers are primarily interested in customers of Italian, Australian, and Spanish banks.

Earlier it was reported that dangerous applications were found in the official Google store that can steal personal data for logging in to Facebook. These Trojans were very popular among users — in total, they were downloaded almost six million times.

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