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Five high-ranking generals died in a few days in Cuba

Within nine days, five generals died in Cuba, the cause of their death is still unknown. This is reported by The Washington Post.

All the military leaders died between July 17 and 26, the youngest of them was 58 years old.

An expert on Cuba from the American University, William Leo-Grande, said that the mysterious deaths reminded him of the Soviet Union during the period when Leonid Brezhnev, Yuri Andropov, and Konstantin Chernenko died within three years.

None of the death announcements contained details about its cause, the publication emphasizes. Cuba is still at the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak: a record 8853 new cases of infection were announced on Sunday.

Earlier it was reported that in April 2021, the Cuban Communist Party officially decided on the first leader after the Castro brothers. Miguel Diaz-Canel, who has been heading Cuba for almost three years, has become the new Secretary-General.

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