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The harassment scandal at Blizzard has paralyzed work on World of Warcraft

Activision Blizzard, one of the largest companies in the field of computer games, was at the center of a scandal due to discrimination against female employees, harassment at work, and other manifestations of harassment.

According to Bloomberg, on July 22, the California authorities sued the company for discrimination against female workers at almost all levels of employment. The lawsuit states that Activision Blizzard intentionally does not promote women in the service and understates their salaries. The employees themselves complained that the atmosphere at work reminds them of a “student fraternity”.

The company's management rejected all the accusations, but some of the developers held an action in solidarity with the victims, refusing to go to work on July 24.

The scandal also received a wide response on the web: World of Warcraft players actively expressed their dissatisfaction on forums, some of them staged protests inside the game.

World of Warcraft system designer Jeff Hamilton criticized the response of Activision Blizzard management. He also said that against the background of the scandal, work on the game almost stopped.

“This does not benefit anyone — neither the players, nor the developers, nor the shareholders,” Hamilton said in a note on Twitter.

He defended the victims of harassment and said that “ all allegations of sexual harassment require a serious and conscientious investigation, and all those responsible deserve both dismissals from the company and criminal prosecution.”

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