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The pianist earned more than $60 thousand in tips thanks to a stranger

66-year-old pianist Tony Carter, who works at the international airport in Atlanta, earned more than $60 thousand in tips after a stranger posted a video of the musician's performance. This is reported by CNN.

Podcast host Carlos Whittaker, who was driving home from Atlanta to Tennessee after a canceled performance, heard a pianist playing.

He enjoyed Carter's music for an hour and a half and also shot a video with the pianist, which he published on his Instagram with 200 thousand subscribers.

During the break, the podcast host talked with the pianist. When Carter returned to the instrument, Whittaker came up with the idea of helping the musician.

“I thought what would happen if I asked my Instagram followers if we could give him the biggest tip he has ever received. In 30 minutes, we raised $10 thousand, “ Whittaker said.

After that, he shared what had happened with the pianist.

When Carter found out about this, he thought, “ that Whittaker was joking.”

By the time the podcast host was recording an interview with the pianist for the next issue, the number of tips had grown to $61 thousand.

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