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The U.S. Air Force plans to protect objects with “force fields”

The United States has reached a turning point in directed energy technologies, thanks to this, the country will use so-called “force fields” to protect objects in the future. This is reported by The Drive with reference to the materials of the United States Air Force Research Laboratory located at Kirtland Air Force Base (New Mexico).

Thus, the report Directed Energy Futures 2060 says that by 2060, directed energy weapons will be used to create “force fields” aimed at protecting military bases by repelling the attack of approaching drones and warheads. Also, such fields will help to form a “missile defense umbrella as part of a multi-level defense system”.

According to the Breaking Defense publication, the specific implementation of this concept involves, among other things, the use of laser weapons controlled by artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

The US Air Force Research Laboratory claims that the available resources make it possible to create a 100-kilowatt laser weapon system that can destroy objects “at tactically important distances” of several kilometers.

The main problem of such systems is their limited ability to simultaneously hit several targets.

Earlier it was reported that the American Navy was replenished with a ship resembling the Old Testament Ark — a rectangular shape and purpose.

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