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In the American state, the plague was detected

In the US state of Colorado, the plague was discovered after a 10-year-old boy died of complications associated with this disease. This is reported by the TV channel WGN9.

A laboratory test initiated by the State Department of Health and Environment helped to identify the outbreak of the plague. The infectious disease was detected in six counties of Colorado, namely in animals and fleas.

The plague is caused by bacteria that can enter the human body through the bites of infected fleas or through direct contact with infected animals. Doctors say that with early detection, you can get rid of the plague, this applies to both people and pets. When infected with the plague, people have a fever and/or enlarged lymph nodes.

As a precaution, doctors advise to beware of rodents, including squirrels. Do not feed them, do not pet them, do not touch sick or dead animals, and also carry out disinfection of the house so that insects can not get close to food. Sick pets must be urgently shown to a veterinarian.

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