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In the US, a hospital employee stole the identities of people dying of COVID-19 for the sake of benefits

In the United States, a hospital employee stole the identities of people dying of coronavirus for the sake of benefits, Forbes reports.

The fraudster was identified at Scripps Health Hospital in San Diego. Matthew Lombardo worked as an insurance agent at a hospital, concluding contracts for medical insurance for elderly clients who were highly likely not to survive due to complications caused by the coronavirus.

Lombardo collaborated with Konrad Piekos, who is also suspected of drug trafficking. Lombardo, who had access to the medical information of dying patients, passed it to Piekos, who with accomplices stole their data to obtain various benefits.

The criminal scheme was uncovered after Piekos was arrested for driving a car without a license plate. During the arrest, an assault rifle, a revolver, and $40,000 in cash were also found in the criminal's car.

During the investigation, Piekos testified against his accomplices, including Matthew Lombardo. Correspondence with Lombardo was found on the phones of the accomplices, in which details of fraudulent actions were discussed.

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