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At the Tokyo Games, a scandal: one of the national teams is infected with coronavirus

There was a scandal at the Tokyo Games: six members of the Czech Olympic delegation were diagnosed with coronavirus at once. Apparently, the anti-epidemic protection did not work well. Czech Prime Minister Babis seriously criticized the organizers of the Olympics and demanded an investigation. Japan's national prestige is under threat.

According to the largest Japanese information and news portal Yahoo News Japan, with reference to the central telegraph agency of Japan Jiji Press, a major scandal broke out at the Tokyo Olympics. Six members of the Czech Olympic delegation — athletes and coaches who arrived earlier in Japan to participate in the Olympic Games, when taking corona tests in the Olympic Village on July 22, positive results were revealed, that is, COVID-19 infection.

The coronavirus was detected in a well-known Czech athlete-winner of the world beach volleyball competitions Marketa Nausch Slukova, as well as her husband and the coach of the Czech team, an Austrian specialist Simon Nausch. Subsequently, the test was also positive for the partner of the Headphones-Shlukova Barbora Hermannova. Thus, a strong Czech beach volleyball team is eliminated from the competition at the Tokyo Olympics.

The infected one was also a road cyclist Michal Schlegel and another volleyball player from the men's beach volleyball team Ondrej Perusic.

Pavel Sirucek, a member of the Czech national table tennis team, also had a positive result. But the most surprising thing is that the infection was also detected by the doctor of the entire delegation, Martin Doktor.

In total, the Czech delegation has so far identified four athletes and two members of the service staff infected with covid-19. Japanese epidemiologists have already qualified this case as a” cluster infection”, that is, a group infection. The Japanese health authorities and the organizing committee of the Olympiad are investigating it.

Czech Prime Minister Andrei Babis expressed his deep indignation at the incident. He demanded a thorough investigation of this incident. Among other things, the Czech Prime Minister noted “the injustice of the situation in relation to talented athletes who have devoted so much effort to prepare for the Olympics. There are also certain losses for the state budget.”

Babis said about the missed opportunities for Czech athletes at the Tokyo Olympics. Now the question of whether they were vaccinated against the coronavirus is being carefully studied. There are suspicions that the team doctor was unvaccinated.

Officials of the organizing committee of the Olympic Games and the Japanese Olympic Committee so far, until the investigation is completed, refuse to comment.

But readers brought down literally a flurry of comments on the Olympics and its organizers.

This publication collected 2,853 units of them. This is an incredible amount for local media, it is marked in red in all issues.

“It was clear from the very beginning that it was impossible to hold the Olympics in the conditions of a pandemic!”, “All the sharp edge of criticism should be directed against IOC President Bach and Japanese Prime Minister Sugu, who pushed through the Olympics, as well as at the business tycoons who earn money from it!”, “What will be the price of the medals of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo? Won't the athletes be ashamed of them?”

Comments from Japanese readers


This is to be expected! Whether it will still be ahead!


It was a big mistake for both the IOC and our government to hold the Olympics in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Really, it was impossible to wait at least 3, at least 4 years until she calms down!

And now the lives of athletes and our lives are at risk too!

Who was it profitable for? Business? Well, say so. Shame on you!


This is just the beginning. There will be more in the future. Now everything will roll like a snowball! And this is our Prime Minister Suga, who stubbornly droned about the” safe and comfortable “ Olympics. Where is she?! Such officials cannot remain at the helm of the state. They don't think about the people!


And why is the organizing committee of the Games silent? So, there is something unclean here!


Even if it turns out that the reason is an unvaccinated team doctor, this is not the main reason. The main reason is that our government and the IOC went on an adventure with this Olympics. Do you think that such a collective infection will be the only one on it? Yes, there will be many more. You can not forcibly relate to the circumstances and “break” everything at your discretion. You can't fool nature!


Until every Olympic team gets a charter plane — and this is impossible — such cases, unfortunately. Will take place. There was nothing to count on “maybe” in holding such a complex world event in the conditions of a global pandemic!


Vaccination does not save you from getting infected with coronavirus! It's just that its flow becomes easier! So what is there to talk about? Whether someone was vaccinated or not, the virus could still affect the vaccinated person. It was impossible to hold such a mass event during the pandemic!


This is not the fault of an unvaccinated team doctor. This is the fault of the incompetent Moka and the Japanese government! All the sharp edges of your irritation and anger should be directed against IOC President Bach and Japanese Prime Minister Sugi! And notice, they immediately hid somewhere!


All this is terrible! But this is to be expected!

Our Prime Minister Suga keeps saying that " the Tokyo Olympics will give the world hope." I've already given it to you!


Our Olympics will become more and more mired in scandals and mutual claims of countries to each other about the coronavirus. The Czech Republic is already expressing dissatisfaction with Japan.

And did we need such an Olympiad? After all, all this was easy to assume!

The Tokyo Olympics had to be canceled due to severe epidemiological conditions. And even now you can still refuse it.

One more aspect: in such a situation, what will be the price of Olympic medals from Tokyo? Won't athletes be ashamed of them? Already half of the Czech team will not perform at the competitions. Who's next?

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