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There was a shootout near the White House in Washington

The attacker opened fire near a Mexican restaurant in an upscale area of Washington, DC, located about a mile from the White House. More than 20 shots were fired, the visitors hid in shelters. By a lucky chance, no one was injured. Witnesses reported that the armed criminal fled in a car. It was not possible to detain him in hot pursuit.

Among those who witnessed the shooting on Thursday evening was a well-known CNN anchor Jim Acosta. “Just listen to what it sounds like-shots fired on 14th Street in Northwest DC. People are fleeing from the popular restaurant Le Diplomat, which is located a few blocks from the administration, “ he wrote on Twitter.

Jess Davidson, 27, was at the restaurant when the shooting started. “It's terrible,” she told the BBC. “I thought I was going to die. This is something that you are always afraid of living in the USA, but nothing can prepare you for this moment. It's incredibly annoying-people feel the same way I do, every single day when they are in shopping malls, at baseball games, in cinemas, schools.”

Although the level of most violent crimes in the United States has decreased during the pandemic, the number of gun attacks is growing, not only in Washington but also in many American cities. According to crime statistics, the number of attacks committed with firearms in the American capital has been increasing annually since 2018. In 2021, 471 attacks with the use of weapons have already been registered. During the same period last year, there were 434 attacks. More often, such incidents occur in poorer parts of the city, in its south-eastern and north-eastern districts, where the predominantly African-American population lives.

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