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Scientists for the first time looked into the bowels of Mars and were surprised

NASA's InSight mission allowed scientists to look into the bowels of Mars and create the first map of the internal structure of another planet. According to The Wall Street Journal, the first results of the research surprised experts: the crust of the red planet consists of several layers and is thinner than expected.

In particular, at the location of the device, the thickness of the first layer was only 8 kilometers, while the second layer was 20. Scientists suggest that the crust of Mars may have a third layer, the boundary of which is located at a depth of about 39 kilometers. On average, the thickness of the upper shell of the planet varies from 24 to 72 kilometers.

It also turned out that Mars has only one mantle layer. The radius of the core turned out to be larger than expected-about 1830 kilometers, while the” heart “ of the planet itself has an unusually low density. Scientists hope that the new data will help to learn the history of the evolution of Mars, as well as help to better understand the place of the Earth in the Solar system.

Earlier, the Chinese space Administration published a video from Mars. The footage shows an endless yellowish-brown desert, as well as Martian valleys and small craters. You can also see the moment of the opening of the parachute of the lander and the crossing of the surface of the planet by the Zhurong rover ("Zhuzhong").

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