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Children in China banned from streaming

The Chinese authorities have banned children under the age of 16 from streaming and appearing in online broadcasts. This is reported on the website of the State Administration of the People's Republic of China on Cyberspace Issues.

The ministry's statement states that restrictive measures are being taken to “ create a favorable atmosphere online for minors.” The country also intends to fight against any attempts to create Internet stars from young Internet users.

Thus, in China, they want to avoid that network services “demonstrate prosperity and glorify money” for a young audience, sell them “extravagant pleasures”.

In addition to the fight against streams, the office of the Chinese authorities announced checks of online games, “vulgar novels”, cartoons with scenes of violence and cruelty.

At the same time, the authorities have obliged each Internet service to actively independently fulfill such obligations. It is noted that the companies Tencent QQ, Taobao, Sina Weibo, and Xiaohongshu have already received fines for the detected violations.

Earlier it became known that in China, children were banned from playing a number of mobile games at night. The facial recognition system will automatically block access to minors after 22: 00.

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