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Billionaire Jeff Bezos successfully flew into space

On July 20 the 57-year-old American entrepreneur and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos made a flight into space organized by his private aerospace company Blue Origin.

A video of the flight was broadcast on the company's website.

The New Shepard suborbital “tourist” rocket took off on a single hydrogen-oxygen engine in west Texas. The flight lasted a little less than 10 minutes, the rocket carried the capsule with the crew to an altitude of about 106 kilometers, where the Carman Line, which separates the Earth's atmosphere from space, passes.

Onboard, in addition to Bezos, were also:

— his brother, Mark Bezos;
— 82-year-old ex-flyer Wally Funk;
— 18-year-old Oliver Damen from the Netherlands.

Wally Funk set the record as the oldest person in the space, and Oliver Deemen as the youngest.

Jeff Bezos shared a video of how the space flight happened.

Interestingly, instead of Damen, another person was supposed to fly first, who bought a seat at an auction for $28 million, but due to his busy schedule, he never got to do it. It is likely that he may fly into space a little later.

As we know, Bezos plans to sell capsule seats for $500,000 each.

After Bezos made the flight, shares of his competitor, Virgin Galactic, fell 8.17%. Richard Branson, the owner of this company, became the first billionaire to fly into space. He flew up to a height of 90 kilometers on July 11. The spacecraft was developed by his company.

Together with Branson into orbit, the Earth went five other crew members — two professional pilots and three top managers of Virgin Galactic. After that the company plans to open the era of space tourism — 250 thousand dollars deposit for the tickets have already made about 600 people.

Earlier, more than 100 thousand people signed petitions, the authors of which call not to let Amazon founder Jeff Bezos back to Earth after his flight to space in July. The most popular of these petitions have been posted on change.org. It's called “Don't Let Jeff Bezos Return to Earth.

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