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Scientists have warned about the coming climate disasters

Climate experts have identified three main groups of factors that provoke extreme weather events

The weather disasters will not stop at the devastating floods in Europe. In the coming decades, even more, serious floods are possible, as well as record heat. There are three main reasons for this: global warming, changes in air flows, and anomalies with tides.

This conclusion was reached by researchers from the Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, as well as the Institute of Atmospheric and Climate Sciences in Zurich, reports Deutsche Welle.

The heavy rains that have passed in Western Europe this week are abnormal. But scientists Andreas Fink and Sebastian Sippel warned that this will happen more often. After all, one of the reasons for heavy rains is that global warming causes changes in the atmosphere.

“When the temperature rises by one degree Celsius, the atmosphere can absorb about 7% more moisture. The additional humidity caused by global warming leads to an increase in precipitation in the long term,” Sippel explained.

“Extreme rains will occur more often in a warm world,” Fink added.

However, there are other factors that, according to some experts, contribute to extreme weather events, such as floods in Europe this week or the recent heatwave in the United States and Canada.

According to one theory, an essential role in natural disasters is played by air flows that move areas of high and low pressure in the temperate latitudes of Europe so that they quickly replace each other.

Climate researchers believe that the west wind, which blows at an altitude of about 9 kilometers around the North Pole, has lost some strength in recent years, which has led to changes in the previously stable rapid movement of airflows. Thus, cyclones and anticyclones are delayed for a long time over certain regions and provoke either prolonged precipitation with floods or prolonged and severe heat with forest fires.

Another factor affecting the climate, scientists call the strength of the tides. Over the next decade, it is predicted that the tides will be higher and lower than usual, due to the displacement of the axis of rotation of the Moon. And although this phenomenon repeats every 18 years, by the 2030s, the level of the world's oceans may rise so that this influence will become dangerous.

Recall that on July 18 in Germany, the number of victims of the flood increased to 156. In addition, the trouble reached neighboring Austria — there, too, cities go underwater. What the destruction in Germany looks like, watch the video:

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