The US called a condition for lifting sanctions from Russia

The US called a condition for lifting sanctions from Russia

The United States will retain sanctions against Eastern Ukraine and Russia until the Russian Federation leaves the annexed Crimea.

The United States will maintain “Crimean” sanctions against Russia until it leaves Crimea. This was stated by US Permanent Representative to the OSCE James Gilmore, the press service of the State Department reports.

Gilmore also noted that the United States will retain sanctions against eastern Ukraine.

“We will never give up sanctions on Crimea until they (Russia) Leave Crimea. We are also going to maintain our sanctions on Eastern Ukraine. And I think that these are important measures that we are taking that are diplomatic actions that we take to uphold what is right, “Gilmore said.

He compared the non-recognition of the Baltic republics joining the USSR with Washington’s non-recognition of Crimea joining Russia.

“We never agreed that the Baltic states were part of the Soviet Union. They were subjugated by force. We never agreed that they were Soviet socialist republics and legal parts of Russia (USSR). We will also defend this proposal. (on the entry of Crimea into Russia) until it changes, “Gilmore added.

On the eve of the United States removed a number of Russian companies from sanctions. The US Ministry of Finance excluded from the sanctions list Russian companies that fell into it because of the DPRK nuclear program.

Note in February in the United States announced the imposition of sanctions against Rosneft Trading and its president Didier Kasimiro for trading Venezuelan oil. In the Russian Federation, they were called illegal.

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