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Floods cover Belgium and the Netherlands-more than 20 people were killed (video)

Floods destroy homes, people have to be urgently evacuated from the flood sites

In the east of Belgium, at least 20 people were killed as a result of flooding, another 20 residents of the region were missing. The bad weather destroyed dozens of houses and forced residents of Belgium to leave their homes in a hurry.

This was reported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kingdom, BBC reports.

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo has already declared July 20 a national day of mourning. He said that the current floods could be the largest that the country has ever faced.

According to him, the province of Liege in the east of the kingdom was most affected. And the situation in many localities remains extremely critical. Only in the city of Pepenster, 20 houses were destroyed.

The bad weather also affected a number of regions of the Netherlands, France, and Germany. Only in the south of the Netherlands, thousands of residents of settlements on the Meuse River were forced to leave their homes. In the city of Venlo, a hospital with two hundred patients had to be evacuated. Due to flooding near Maastricht, a dam was damaged. Emergency services and the military had to urgently fix the problem.

Despite serious flooding, there are no human casualties from bad weather in the Netherlands. Although the Prime Minister of the kingdom, Mark Rutte, called the situation terrible and difficult.

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