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Scientists have named an effective drug against COVID-19. Reduces the risk of death by 50%

Scientists analyzed the course of the disease of people with and without complications

Scientists have named a group of drugs that will help people with severe COVID-19. They work best in people with concomitant chronic diseases.

This is reported by the UC San Diego News Center.

We are talking about statin-drugs that reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood.

How statins work with COVID-19

These drugs have anti-inflammatory properties. Scientists have repeatedly studied their effect against the coronavirus.

Statins also fight the ACE2 receptor, which the virus uses to enter cells.

How did the research go

The effect of statins was studied by a team from the University of California at San Diego. The scientists conducted several stages of observations. The first stage of the study involved 170 patients with COVID-19.

It turned out that patients who took statins before hospitalization had more than 50% less risk of severe complications.

The second stage is more than 10 thousand volunteers who were ill with COVID-19 from January to September 2020. These people had a complicated course of the disease.

In patients who had cardiovascular diseases and hypertension, the risk of death was 32% lower.

Note that doctors say that people should not be afraid of a coronavirus vaccine but of the consequences of the abuse of antibiotics, whose sales have tripled over the year of the pandemic.

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