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About 2.5 thousand Boeing 737 aircraft will be checked for malfunction

American Airlines will have to check and, if necessary, replace both differential pressure switches on each of the sides.

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has ordered the state aviation company to check about 2.5 thousand Boeing 737 aircraft for faulty relays and a pressure drop in the cabin. This was announced on Friday, July 16, by the ABC TV channel.

“An undetected malfunction of both relays may slow down the crew's detection of insufficient pressure in the cabin and lead to the crew's loss of performance due to hypoxia and, as a result, loss of control over the aircraft,” the FAA said in the order.

As the regulator explained, the liners are equipped with two differential pressure switches, so in case of failure of one of them, the backup one continues to function. If both relays are faulty, then at an altitude of more than three thousand meters, the warning system may not work, and the oxygen level in the cabin may fall to dangerously low values.

So, the airlines were given 90 days to check and replace the relay (if necessary). At the same time, it is indicated that it is possible to spend about an hour on one plane: from 30 minutes to an hour it will take an inspection and 15 minutes to replace the relay.

It is noted that the Boeing corporation supported the FAA order.

Earlier it was reported that Boeing has identified the need to refine the 787 Dreamliner aircraft before delivering them to customers.

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