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White House does not rule out the artificial origin of coronavirus

The theory that the coronavirus is the result of a leak from the laboratory is as plausible as the version about its natural origin, according to senior officials from the administration of U.S. President Joe Biden. This is reported by CNN with reference to sources.

According to sources, to date, there is no convincing evidence of the reliability of any theory.

According to informants, US intelligence now adheres to the version of the natural origin of the coronavirus. A number of senior officials in the administration, including the president's national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, believe that the theory of laboratory origin is also plausible. In the CIA, the theory about the COVID-19 leak from the laboratory is now being taken more seriously than before.

The US intelligence service has been instructed to study cases of detection of the virus in wild or domestic animals and the range of actions of the PRC in the field of biological research, sources say.

The fragility of relations with China also prevents the US authorities from making an unambiguous choice in favor of one of the theories, the report says.

The sources spoke out after the White House published a release about the origin of COVID-19. The message quotes Biden's words that the US intelligence community has united around two possible scenarios of the origin of the coronavirus — natural and laboratory — but has not yet come to a final conclusion. The American leader said that he asked the US intelligence service to continue collecting and analyzing information on this problem.

In March, WHO published a report by an international group of experts of the organization on the identification of the origin of the coronavirus. Experts called the COVID-19 leak from the laboratory “extremely unlikely”. The coronavirus was most likely transmitted to humans from bats through another animal, the report says. The United States and 13 other countries issued a joint statement expressing concern about the WHO's findings, noting the need for a “transparent and independent” investigation.

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