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China has been accused of stealing technology for world domination

China was accused of using dishonest methods on the way to “world domination”. According to CNBC, this was stated during his speech in the British parliament by one of its members, Ian Duncan Smith, the former leader of the Conservative Party.

In his opinion, Beijing is going to achieve world domination in the field of semiconductor production and uses dishonest methods for this.

He believes that the Middle Kingdom “ steals technologies, gets other people's intellectual property rights, and buys up companies.”

Beijing has previously imposed sanctions against Duncan Smith because of statements addressed to the country.

The reason for such a sharp statement of the parliamentarian was the situation with the purchase of the British company Newport Wafer Fab. It is the largest player among chip manufacturers in the UK.

Nexperia announced its intention to buy the British company on July 5. The production works in the Netherlands but is owned by Chinese owners. The British government first announced an investigation of this transaction for reasons related to national security issues. But later they noted that they do not plan to interfere in the situation.

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