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Trump does not rule out the introduction of a state of emergency in the United States

Trump does not rule out the introduction of a state of emergency in the United States

Washington is considering a number of additional restrictions on entering the country in connection with the coronavirus.

US President Donald Trump did not rule out the possibility of introducing a state of emergency in the United States amid the spread of a new type of coronavirus. On Monday, March 2, reports Reuters.

During a meeting with representatives of pharmaceutical companies, which took place the day before at the White House, Trump said that restrictions will be imposed on representatives of those countries where the largest number of infected COVID-19 are recorded.

“We have already done this, as you know, in relation to the three countries in addition to China. So we will continue to do this,” the American leader said.

He also did not rule out the future introduction of a nationwide state of emergency. But he expressed the hope that this would not be needed.

Earlier, the United States introduced a state of emergency in Washington state in connection with an outbreak of coronavirus, where a fatal outcome of the disease was recorded. Trump also offered assistance to Iran in connection with the outbreak of COVID-19.

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