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The U.S. unveiled a smart car driven by a paralyzed racer

It is possible to control the vehicle with the help of special glasses and helmets. Turns are made by turning the head, and acceleration is done by breathing.

In the U.S., a special race car was created to be driven by a paralyzed racer. The car is controlled by glasses and a helmet.

Sen Schmidt, an American racing driver, had a terrible accident 20 years ago and became paralyzed. Due to a serious injury to the spine, he was forced to give up competitions. But he always dreamed of coming back to a great sport.

Now a special car has been created for him that does not require physical effort to drive. You can drive the car by breathing and turning your head.

These changes in the human body are monitored by infrared cameras, which transmit the signal to a high-tech helmet and special glasses. This way the car accelerates and moves in the right direction.

Recall that earlier in the U.S. car Terrafugia Transition, which accelerates to 160 km/h at an altitude of 3,000 meters, received a certificate of airworthiness Special Light-Sport Aircraft from the FAA.

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