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“A real disaster”: Germany is recovering from flooding

The German political scientist Rahr called the NSN the reasons for a large number of victims of the disaster. The catastrophic consequences of flooding in Germany largely lie on the conscience of the country's authorities. This was stated by the German political scientist Alexander Rahr.

“This is a clear failure. Floods in Germany happen quite often, especially in the area of the Rhine — the largest river in Germany. Emergency services should be prepared. Therefore, I am surprised why this time there are so many victims, whole villages and cities are flooded. We have a meteorological service, it should have warned, it was impossible to overlook.

The only explanation I have is that, apparently, the current rains fell so quickly and unexpectedly that the relevant services were not ready for this. Apparently, they relaxed, they did not foresee something, as a result, a real catastrophe occurred,” Alexander Rahr stressed.

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