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In the US, police officers were banned from lying to children

In the US state of Illinois, police officers were banned from lying and distorting information during the interrogation of children. The corresponding law was signed by the governor of the state J. B. Pritzker, The Washington Post reports.

The law will come into force on January 1, 2022. It prohibits law enforcement officers, in particular, from promising a false reduction of the penalty after a confession and declaring the presence of evidence against a minor suspect in case of their actual absence.

It is noted that Illinois is the first US state in which such a ban will be in effect. The use of deception tactics during interrogations is usually allowed in the country and is widely used by police officers. However, as the publication notes, when applied to minors, such methods often lead to false confessions and judicial errors.

According to the governor, the law will ensure that the rights of the most vulnerable segments of society are respected. State Prosecutor Kim Foxx supported the legislative ban. “We continue to work on correcting the mistakes of the past,” she concluded.

In June 2020, American police officers were banned from using chokeholds, as they pose an immediate danger to detainees. In addition, after incidents involving the death of a suspect or the gross use of force, the department is obliged to make public the names of the officers involved and publish videos from their body cameras.

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