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Mentally unstable. Russia's Operation for Trump

The press has once again leaked documents about Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election.

Russian President Vladimir Putin personally authorized an operation by a secret spy agency to support Donald Trump in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, the Guardian newspaper said, citing “leaked Kremlin documents.” Moscow called the paper's data “excellent tabloid reading.”

All possible force on Trump

On January 22, 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin held a meeting in Moscow with members of the Russian Security Council, which was a “key meeting” that decided to promote the victory of Republican Donald Trump in the upcoming US presidential election, writes the British edition of the Guardian on July 15.

The Kremlin press service describes this closed meeting rather briefly: “Along with the current issues of the socio-economic domestic Russian agenda, there was a detailed discussion of the aggravated domestic political situation in Moldova, and the situation in the world markets was also touched upon.

However, another topic was discussed at the meeting, the newspaper writes, citing a secret report titled 32-04 \vd. At the same time, the newspaper does not name the source from which it received the secret documents.

The Guardian notes that the meeting was attended by then-Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev, Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, and Mikhail Fradkov, the director of the Foreign Intelligence Service. It should be noted that all of them are permanent members of the Russian Security Council.

At the Russian Security Council, Putin was presented with a report stating that Trump's victory in the presidential election could benefit Moscow, according to the newspaper. Among such beneficial consequences was the destabilization of the U.S. political system and social explosion, as well as the weakening of the negotiating positions of the U.S. president and his administration.

According to the paper, Trump was described in the report as “mentally unstable, impulsive, unbalanced, and has an inferiority complex.

In addition, Putin was told about “certain events” that took place with Trump in Moscow and noted that they have compromising or potentially compromising materials concerning the politician. Exactly what events are being referred to is not specified.

According to the Guardian documents, Putin personally authorized the operation of the intelligence services to ensure Trump's victory in the presidential election.

The “Kremlin documents” said that it was necessary to use “all possible force” to ensure Trump's victory. Three Russian agencies were ordered to find practical ways to support the Republican nominee, who was by then the front-runner in the race for the party's nomination.

After a meeting with members of the Russian Security Council, Putin also ordered the creation of a “secret interagency commission” headed by Shoigu, whose task was to implement the goals set out in the “special part” of the report No. 32-04 \, the newspaper said.

The paper also drew attention to “media viruses” which Russia could introduce into the American political agenda, in order to “change the mass consciousness”, especially among certain groups of voters. It was suggested that the media be used to “subvert” America's leading politicians.

According to the Guardian, Western intelligence agencies had known about these documents for months and had studied them carefully. Experts to whom the publication showed the obtained documents said they were similar to the genuine ones, the article said.

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov, in a comment to the publication, called the information about the secret arrangement to support Trump “a great tabloid read.”

Note that in January 2021, the Guardian interviewed former KGB agent Yuri Shvets, who said that Trump had been recruited by Soviet and later Russian security services as an “asset” for 40 years.

Craig Unger's book American Kompromat: How the KGB Cultivated Donald Trump, and Related Tales of Sex, Greed, Power, and Treachery, which is based on Shvets' words, says that Trump allegedly first got “on the KGB radar” back in 1977 when he married Czech model Ivan Zelnickovski, then the security services of then Czechoslovakia under the supervision of the KGB began processing his candidacy.

According to a former KGB agent who long ago obtained United States citizenship, Donald Trump was eager to relay anti-Western propaganda.

“This is an example of how people get recruited when they're still students and then they get into important positions. Something similar happened in the case of Trump. They studied his personality thoroughly, understood what kind of person he was. The KGB knew he was extremely vulnerable intellectually and psychologically, prone to flattery,” said Shvets.

Donald Trump won the U.S. presidential election in November 2016, beating his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton by the electoral votes. At the same time, he received fewer electoral votes.

In early 2017, documents surfaced stating that Trump had contacts with the Russian side before the election. This document was compiled at the request of the leadership of the Democratic Party by former British foreign intelligence officer MI6 Christopher Steele.

There was a 22-month investigation into alleged Russian interference in the United States. Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, who led the investigation, ultimately found no evidence of Trump's collusion with Moscow but did find that Trump's campaign staff had received offers from individuals linked to Russia.

He also found that Russia had tried to influence the election, including through a “troll factory. Trump denied ties to Russia and called Mueller's investigation a “witch hunt. Moscow also denied interfering in the U.S. election.

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