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Merkel and Biden issued a joint declaration

Following the talks at the White House, German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and United States President Joe Biden issued a joint declaration on the division of the world into spheres of influence and security in Europe. The declaration is published on the White House website.

“As countries whose economies depend on the free transit of goods around the world, we confirm the critical importance of freedom of navigation and flight, as well as other free use of the sea in accordance with international law. It is impossible to achieve this result in a world divided into spheres of influence, and we will resist attempts to create them through territorial annexation, establishing control over digital infrastructure, translational repression, or using energy flows as weapons,” the declaration says.

Regarding security in Europe, the leaders of Germany and the United States noted the key role of NATO.

“More than three decades after the reunification of Germany, we will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that Europe is united, free, and peaceful. If external forces create barriers to the realization of this vision, we will unite together to strengthen our defense, increase resilience and strengthen solidarity. NATO will remain the cornerstone of these efforts, and our commitment to the fifth article is unbreakable,” the declaration says.

The fifth article of the NATO Charter refers to the principle of collective defense adopted in the alliance — if an attack on one of the NATO members is considered an attack on the entire union as a whole.

Earlier, Biden explained the senselessness of imposing sanctions against the Nord Stream 2.

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