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Fox News — negotiations are “immoral” — US State Department is in no hurry to rescue an American from Syrian captivity

Former United States Marine, freelance journalist Austin Tice was captured in Syria eight years ago. According to Fox News, the Syrian government is ready to negotiate his release, but the belligerent Department of State officials are reluctant to meet them.

It is assumed that he is alive and held by either the Syrian government or one of their allies. Our government eagerly bombed Syria and intervened in the conflict, however, according to Austin's mother, Debra Tice, officials are much less interested in bringing her son home.

And here is the most striking thing. The Syrian government has invited the US government to send a representative to Damascus to discuss the matter. But neoconservatives intervened in the Department of State, and this never happened.

Debra Tice is with us today. Thanks so much for taking the time for us, Debra.

DEBRA Tice, Austin Tice mother: Thanks, Tucker.

For those of our viewers who are not in the know ... In my opinion, it is somewhat surprising that so few Americans know the story of your son. Could you briefly tell us what happened and where, in your opinion, it is located?

DEBRA TICE: Austin was arrested at a checkpoint near Damascus, he is being held in Syria. We do not know who is holding him back, but we know that it is in the power of the Syrian government to ensure that Austin is released unharmed. But his only hope for liberation is diplomacy.

And we also know that the president wants his release. It was his will, he gave us verbal and written assurances that he was making efforts to return Austin. And we believe him. We know that he takes it to heart.

Yes. We put on the screen — not sure if you can see — the answer to the letter you wrote to the president. He replies: “We are working hard to bring your son home.” Perhaps the obvious way to do this is to start negotiations with the Assad government. But in our Department of State, there are those who for some reason consider it ... immoral to speak with the Assad government. What would you tell them? People who do not allow these negotiations to take place.

DEBRA TICE: I would say that on their part this is disobedience to the US President. Because there is his will that Austin is free. And this can only be achieved through dialogue. And the Syrians opened the door. So we must respond and take part in negotiations to ensure the safe release of Austin.

I empathize with your family. Have you been in contact with him in the past eight years?

DEBRA TICE: We did not receive any news from Austin. And it's ... hard.

It is even impossible to imagine.

DEBRA TICE: But we know that the president has the will to bring him home. And now the door is open before us. It's time. The question is who will stand in the way of the President of the United States while he is trying to bring our son home. And who might need this?

Yes, that’s the question. I would say the same question can be asked regarding many political decisions on Syria. In my opinion, this is characteristic. Debra TICE, we definitely cheer for you.

Air Date: Mar 01, 2020.

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