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Lithuania blamed Russia for the influx of migrants

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis accused Russia, along with Belarus, of possible involvement in the influx of migrants to the republic. His words are quoted by the publication Euractiv.

We are talking about refugees from the Middle East and Africa who arrive in Minsk, and then try to illegally break through the Belarusian-Lithuanian border. According to the Foreign Minister, the Russian authorities may be behind their coordination, using the situation in Afghanistan to their advantage.

“Since the Western troops began to leave Afghanistan, there is a possibility of huge migration flows, which we are already seeing,” Landsbergis said.

The Russian Embassy in Lithuania has already responded to his statement. The diplomats pointed out that all the accusations in this regard are unfounded.

“Not a day goes by that the Lithuanian authorities do not note anti — Russian attacks,” the diplomatic mission said in a message on Twitter.

On July 2, the Lithuanian authorities introduced a state of emergency due to the influx of illegal immigrants from the Middle East who enter the country from the territory of Belarus. According to the Lithuanian border guards, the number of such migrants has increased by more than 20 times compared to 2020.

The authorities of the republic accuse Belarus and President Alexander Lukashenko personally of this situation. It is assumed that the authorities of the country use their national tour operator “Tsentrkurort” to ferry migrants from Syria and Iraq to the borders of the European Union and earn money on this.

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