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The US is thinking about a “red phone” for communication with China

The United States is considering offering China a “hotline” for emergency communication at the highest level, CNN reports.

According to the TV channel, the administration of US President Joe Biden is studying the possibility of establishing a special “hotline” with the Chinese government, similar to the “red phone” between the United States and the USSR during the Cold War, which allowed the White House to directly contact the Kremlin.

The concept is in its infancy and has not yet been proposed to the Chinese authorities, but the Biden administration wants to develop a broad system of communication tools to reduce the risks of conflicts between Washington and Beijing, sources told the TV channel.

The “hotline” with Beijing will allow Biden or high-ranking representatives of his national security team to immediately make encrypted phone calls or send messages to Chinese President Xi Jinping or his entourage, sources tell CNN. For example, such information may contain messages about sudden movements of the army or warnings about cyber attacks.

The channel notes that the idea of such a line arose during the administration of Barack Obama, and the current US leadership continues to develop it, although many details have to be worked out, including China's consent to use the device itself remains in question. The Pentagon, the TV channel notes, already has a “hotline” with China, but it is rarely used.

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