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Hundreds of units of U.S. military equipment have arrived in Lithuania

A unit from the 1st American Infantry Division will be located in the Baltic country.

Heavy US military equipment was unloaded at the port of Klaipeda, Lithuania, for the rotating battalion of the American army stationed in Lithuania. This was announced yesterday by the Lithuanian Defense Ministry.

“In total, about 300 pieces of equipment were delivered for the rotational battalion, including Abrams tanks and Bradley infantry fighting vehicles,” the report says.

The equipment was delivered in preparation for the rotation of the American unit. Last December, the 2nd Battalion of the 8th Cavalry Regiment of the US Army arrived in Lithuania for joint exercises. He will be replaced by a unit from the 1st Infantry Division from Fort Riley (Kansas).

Since April 2014, as part of the Atlantic Resolve mission in Lithuania, a replacement contingent of the US Army of various sizes has been deployed to strengthen the eastern flank of NATO. More than 10 of its rotations were carried out.

Earlier this week, American F-16 fighter jets arrived in Bulgaria. The aircraft, permanently based at the Aviano Air Base in Italy, will take part in the Bulgarian-American exercise Thracian Star 21.

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