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The Chinese criticized the new strategy of the European Union

Readers of the Chinese newspaper “Huanqiu Shibao” spoke about the results of the meeting of the leaders of the EU countries, following which their new strategy was approved.

Many considered that such opposition to the “One Belt, One Road” initiative is due to the influence of the United States.

“Wouldn't it be easier if the EU simply recognizes that the United States is their suzerain country?” — expressed the opinion of one of the readers.

“The EU is only suitable to be a follower of the United States. If he wants to become a pole of the world, the United States will never allow him to do this, “ another user believes.

“I do not know what is wrong with the brains of the leaders of the EU countries. Their infrastructure is ruined at home, and they want to “help” others, “ another commenter wrote.

“The EU does not want to join forces with the United States, but the end result of their activities is only the strengthening of their influence. The EU acts only as an auxiliary step and will not be able to increase its influence. That's how the European Union has become a help for America!” — the readers summed up.

A meeting of EU foreign ministers was held in Brussels on Monday. The heads of departments decided to extend the anti-Russian sanctions and approved a new strategy “Globally connected Europe”. Its goal is to increase the competitiveness of the EU, and it is based on the idea of opposing the Chinese initiative “One Belt — One Road”.

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