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In the United States, the incidence of coronavirus has doubled

Over the past three weeks, the incidence of coronavirus in the United States has doubled. This was reported by The Wall Street Journal.

Referring to the data of Johns Hopkins University, which calculates statistics on the coronavirus, the author notes that at the moment about 23 thousand new cases are detected in the country per day, although three weeks ago this figure was at the level of 11.3 thousand. The publication claims that the increase in the incidence is observed in those states where vaccination is slower.

This is due to the spread of a more infectious strain of “delta”. In the United States, 33.8 million people were infected with the coronavirus, of which 607 thousand patients died. The country is ranked first in the world in both indicators.

Earlier in the United States, it was found that the J&J vaccine increases the risk of developing a rare disease.

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