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The Rothschilds filed a complaint against the Czech Republic to the European Court of Human Rights

The descendants of billionaire Alphonse Rothschild have appealed to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) with a complaint against the Czech Republic. This was reported on Tuesday by the online publication Hlidaci pes.

The descendants of one of the richest people in Europe are seeking the return of the Shilgerzhovice estate in the north-east of the republic, which was confiscated by the Nazis after the occupation of Czechoslovakia in March 1939. The Nazis took away property from the Rothschilds because of their Jewish origin.

The estate was not returned to the Rothschilds even after the end of World War II, and in 1948, with the Communists coming to power in Czechoslovakia, it became impossible to solve this problem. Meanwhile, according to the law on restitution adopted after the change of the political system in the country in November 1989, this property must be returned to the descendants of the owner.

Earlier, the Czech courts, citing the lack of a documented evidence base, refused to consider Rothschilds ' claim. They consider this fact, as the publication noted, as “ legitimizing the Nazi anti-Jewish measures of the Holocaust era.”

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