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One of the leaders of the presidential race in the United States withdrew from the election

Pete Buttigieg confidently went third for Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden

Iowa Democratic Party winner Iowa Pete Buttigieg decided to quit the race to represent his political force in the presidential election this fall.

According to the New York Times, the former mayor of the American South Bend in Indiana said this, speaking March 1 in his own city after a crushing defeat at the primaries in South Carolina, where he took only fourth place with 8.2% support.

It is noted that the low support of the first openly gay candidate among the black population was a signal of his inability to create a broad coalition of voters.

One of the leaders of the presidential race in the United States withdrew from the election

Pete Buttigieg with her husband. Photo: Michael Caterina / South Bend Tribune / REUTERS

It is curious that he did not wait for the so-called “Super Tuesday” — on March 3, 15 states and US territories will distribute about a third of their delegates, in fact determining the leaders of the election race.

Experts see this as a chance for ex-vice president Joe Biden to close the gap with Senator Bernie Sanders, who is the leader of the race. By the way, Buttigieg confidently occupied third place.

Whether he will support any of his former rivals openly is still unknown.

It is worth noting that after the primaries in South Carolina, billionaire Tom Steyer also left the election.

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