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England fans publish petitions demanding to replay the Euro final

Several petitions have appeared on specialized platforms demanding to replay the final match of the European Championship 2020, in which England lost to the Italian national team in a penalty shootout, The Sun reports.

Fans focus on the fact that the captain of the Italians, Giorgio Chiellini, should have been removed from the field for a foul against Bucayo Saka. In that episode, the defender of the Italian national team openly grabbed an opponent, not allowing him to escape into a potentially dangerous attack. The referee of the match, Bjorn Kuipers from the Netherlands, showed the player a yellow card.

"Chiellini received a yellow card for this violation, although he should have been removed from the field. I firmly believe that the referee was biased and spoke in favor of Italy, “ one of the petitions says.

The final meeting between the national teams of England and Italy held on July 11 in London at Wembley Stadium, ended with the victory of "Squadra Azzurra" in a series of post-match 11-meter shots— 1:1 (3:2).

Earlier, the defender of the Italian national team, Leonardo Bonucci, said that he was angry with English fans.

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