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A thunderstorm with heavy rains hit London, flooding streets and cars

Cars in some areas of London were underwater when the storm hit the British capital. This is reported by The Mirror.

Floods were recorded in various areas, including Kensington in southwest London, as well as Finchley and Hampstead in the north of the city.

It is noted that the country's weather bureau previously issued a warning about a possible storm. Forecasters also warned residents of the southeast of England to be prepared for power outages, as 60 mm of precipitation may fall in just a few hours on the evening of July 12.

Earlier it was reported that two Beijing international airports — Shoudu and Daxing-were forced to cancel more than 400 flights on Monday, July 12, due to heavy rains.

806 flights were scheduled to Beijing on Monday, of which 285 were canceled. 156 out of 598 flights were canceled at Daxing Airport.

It is noted that the capital of China was hit by the heaviest downpours since the beginning of the year. Rains covered Beijing in the evening, 70 mm of precipitation fell in most parts of the city, and in some — up to 150 mm.

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