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Poland announced an increase in the number of illegal immigrants on the border with Belarus

The number of illegal migrants trying to cross the Belarusian-Polish border has increased dramatically recently, the official representative of the chief commandant of the Polish Border Guard Anna Michalska said.

Earlier, the Lithuanian authorities declared an emergency situation in connection with the influx of illegal migrants from Belarus. In turn, the President of the republic Alexander Lukashenko stated that the country will no longer restrain illegal migrants to the EU countries — because of Western sanctions, Minsk has “neither money nor strength” for this.

“Since the beginning of this year, border guards have detained 238 illegal migrants who crossed the green border (that is, outside the border crossings) in the Polish-Belarusian section of the border, guarded by the Podlaskie Border Guard detachment, contrary to the norms of the law,” Michalska said.

“Since the beginning of this month, that is, since July 1, border guards have detained 91 illegal immigrants, including two large groups: 40 and 49 people. Among these people, citizens of Afghanistan and Russia (of Chechen nationality) predominate,” she added.

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