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The US destroyer tried to repeat the Defender demarche off the coast of China

The official representative Army of China, Tian Junli, accused the American missile destroyer Benfold of invading the territorial waters of the People's Republic of China.

According to China, the destroyer entered the territorial waters off the disputed Paracel Islands (the Chinese name is the Xisha Islands), after which a group of the Chinese Navy escorted it and issued a warning.

Tian Junli stressed that “the Xisha Archipelago is the ancestral territory of China”, and by its actions, the US warship violated the basic principles of international law.

“The facts show that the United States is the creator of security risks in the South China Sea. We urge the American side to immediately stop such provocations, " the statement reads.

At the same time, the Chinese military department warned about the possible consequences of such actions and placed all responsibility on the United States.

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On June 23, the British destroyer Defender crossed the Russian border and entered the territorial waters off Cape Fiolent for three kilometers. The Russian border patrol ship fired warning shots twice, and the Su-24M conducted a warning bombing along the destroyer's course. After that, Defender left Russian waters.

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