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The auction of Hunter Biden's paintings provoked a scandal

Washington, July 10. The White House helped develop an agreement for the sale of paintings by the son of US President Joe Biden Hunter. However, the auction can cause a number of problems.

The released document implies that the process of implementing the paintings will take place secretly, even from their author. This is due to an ethical issue since it is difficult to objectively evaluate works of art. Especially if they were created by a member of the family of US President Joe Biden.

The gallery owner Georges Berger said that he would determine the prices for the paintings himself, and he would reject suspicious offers. However, despite the developed agreement, problems may arise. Biden Jr. has already been accused of making deals on behalf of his father. At the same time, he has now chosen a sphere that is difficult to assess. There may be secret buyers and undisclosed amounts.

“This is all a really bad idea. The first reaction of many people will be like this: aha, he is profiting from the fact that he is the son of the president, and wants to rake in more money. I mean, these are incredibly high prices, “ said Richard Painter, a former chief ethics lawyer under President George W. Bush.

According to him, the buyers can be the authorities of other countries, as well as lobbyists who want to woo Washington. In addition, purchases of works of art are almost impossible to track.

“Since we don't know who is paying for these paintings and whether Hunter Biden knows about it, we can't know if they are buying access to the White House,” said Walter Shaub, who headed the Office of State Ethics from 2013 to 2017. “These people are essentially paying for the name of Hunter Biden.”

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