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Biden announced a meeting between Russia and the U.S.

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, before flying to Delaware, said that American and Russian representatives could meet on July 16 to discuss cybersecurity issues.

“We have established a committee-a joint committee. I think they will meet on the 16th. I believe that we will cooperate,” Biden replied to the question of whether there will be any consequences for Russia if Moscow “does not step up in the issue” of countering criminals operating in cyberspace.

When asked what Biden expects from Russian President Vladimir Putin, the head of the White House replied: “It is inappropriate to say what I expect from him now. But we'll see.”

Recall, as the press service of the White House reported, on Friday, Putin and Biden discussed the ongoing attacks using extortion programs by criminals allegedly based in Russia, which affected the United States and other countries. According to Biden, the conversation with Russian leader Vladimir Putin “went well.”

At the same time, the Kremlin reported that Putin pointed out to Biden the lack of appeals from the competent US agencies on the topic of cybersecurity over the past month, despite Russia's readiness to jointly suppress criminal manifestations in the information space.

The Kremlin also stressed that, given the seriousness of the challenges in the field of cybersecurity, interaction “ should be permanent, professional and non-politicized, carried out using specialized data exchange channels between authorized state structures within the framework of bilateral legal mechanisms, as well as in compliance with the provisions of international law.”

Contrary to this, the United States administration claims that it allegedly transmitted many specific requests to Russia about bringing hackers to justice.

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