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Apple's share price has broken a historical record

The rise in prices for shares of the American company Apple, which updated the historical record, occurred against the background of the general corrective growth of the US stock markets.

The company's shares rose by 1.45% to $145.32. Their maximum cost reached $145.64. The previous record of $145.09 was reached on January 25 this year. At the moment, Apple's capitalization is $2.4 trillion.

Earlier, Apple introduced the iOS 15 operating system. Several key features have been changed in the update, and new ones have also been added.

The airplane mode will now have several options: “work”, “personal” and “rest”. Depending on the configuration, they will affect notifications. The camera will be able to detect text in photos, before that such features were available only if additional software was available.

The new operating system will be released for mass use in September, and its testing will begin in June.

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