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Saudi prince allowed children to spit in the face of servants

Saudi Prince Faisal Bin Turki Bin Abdullah Al Saud was accused of mistreatment of servants. This is reported by The Times.

The French police were contacted by seven Filipino nannies and cleaners who worked in the prince”s Paris mansion. They said that he, his wife, and his children humiliated them, starved them, and did not allow them to sleep. At the same time, they were paid only 300 euros per month, although the salary stipulated in their contracts was higher.

One of the nurses said that the prince”s offspring were allowed to spit in her face. Another claims that if one of the children cried, she was beaten in the face. Nannies were obliged to fulfill any children”s whims, and then be responsible for the consequences. For example, they were punished if a child ate too much ice cream on his own, and then he had a stomach ache, the Daily Mail reported.

According to the women, they had to work until the prince and his wife fell asleep, which often happened at three o” clock in the morning and even later. However, already at seven o” clock in the morning, a new working day began, and the nannies had to look after the couple”s four children. As a result, there were less than three hours left for sleep.

The servants had to eat leftovers from Al Saud” stable, and only in the kitchen, which was opened for lunch and immediately locked after. Often at lunch, they followed the instructions of the prince, could not get to the kitchen on time, and therefore remained hungry.

Most of the acts described by the prince”s nannies and cleaners were committed in 2013-2015. Under French law, the maximum penalty for using slave labor is 10 years in prison. However, the French police cannot detain or interrogate Al Saud, since he has left France and enjoys diplomatic immunity.

In 2019, it was reported that a French court recognized Saudi Princess Hassan bin Salman as an accomplice to kidnapping and gun violence. The sentence was passed in absentia. The princess was sentenced to ten months of probation and a fine.

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