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In Austria, a train with schoolchildren derailed and fell into the river

A regional passenger train derailed in the federal state of Salzburg. One carriage fell into the Mura River and 17 schoolchildren were injured. Announced by Anton Shilkher, head of a regional rescue operation led by the Red Cross, said Friday.

“There were 54 schoolchildren on the train, 17 people were slightly injured,” he said. All passengers on the train were Austrian citizens, the rescuer said. “Many are from the federal state of Styria,” Schilcher added.

30 rescuers, 10 ambulances, and one helicopter arrived at the scene of the operation. “The operation has been completed. Nine people have been taken to hospitals,” Schilcher said. According to him, nothing threatens the lives of the victims.

According to the rescuer, the cause of the accident could be damage to the railway track due to the root of a tree or bad weather.

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