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Coronavirus is an information attack

Atypical pneumonia (outbreak in 2003), swine flu (2009), Ebola fever (2015), bird flu (2013), coronavirus (2020) New types of viruses are constantly emerging in the world, they are being modified and adapt to environmental conditions. In biology, this is called the evolution of viruses. But only a few viruses get into the media. Why?

Coronavirus is an information attack

Epidemic news is damaging the economy of the country in which the outbreak is recorded. Production is suspended, deliveries of goods abroad are frozen. Business and finance are losing. Coronavirus is a powerful blow to the Chinese economy. Rumors spread of an international conspiracy, tests of bacteriological weapons ... Echoes of this blow were palpable even in Italy!

Walking around Milan, I thought that perhaps the coronavirus is sabotage on a planetary scale. Fashion shows were disrupted due to media hype, fashion shows closed, tens of thousands of tourists did not go to Italy for fashion purchases, airports were empty. Armani fashion house held the collection in private, online ... The high-end segment of Italy's business was damaged by the Chinese coronavirus, boutiques and restaurants are half empty. The same thing happened in Germany, France, and other European countries.

Economic wars are waged in the information field — in the media. When television and the Internet inflate information about the NEW DANGEROUS VIRUS, this is an explosion of the information bomb.

Why did the media choose China this time? The United States has been waging a trade war with China since 2016. America is very beneficial for China's economy to slow down. Rumors, opinions, and talk about the virus are used. The population of China — 1.4 billion people who died of coronavirus — 2870 people, this is less than 0% of the population. A real pandemic looks different!

Infected — 29.5% of the world's population, decreased — 2.7-5.3%, mortality — 10-20%.

Countries unprepared for an information attack fill their airwaves with this, as a result of which the people, fueled by terrifying news, panic.

Coronavirus is, first of all, an information virus, not biological!

Author: John Connelly

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