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The pandemic has devalued the citizenship of the U.S. and Britain

The pandemic has devalued the citizenship of developed countries in terms of visa-free travel abroad. If in the rating of passports from Henley & Partners, 187 countries are available to British and US citizens to travel without a visa, then, taking into account the closure of borders, a British passport gives as many advantages as a document from Uzbekistan, and the value of an American document has fallen to the level of citizenship of Rwanda, Bloomberg reported.

In the third quarter of 2021, Japan is the leader in the Henley & Partners rating — 193 countries are available to its citizens without visas or with on-site paperwork. Singapore is in second place (192 countries), Germany and South Korea share third place (191 each). The United States and Great Britain are in seventh place (187), Greece and the Czech Republic — in eighth (186), the United Arab Emirates in 15th (175), Mexico and Israel — in 23rd (159).

Russia is on the 51st line in the ranking (119), Armenia and Cuba are on the 84th (64). Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan (26-29 countries) complete the list.

However, taking into account the travel bans, only 57 countries are available to holders of British passports, both formally and to citizens of Uzbekistan. Japanese people can travel without a visa to 75 countries, Americans-in 61, as residents of Rwanda, citizens of Singapore — in 70 (as Dominicans).

According to Christian Kelin, chairman of the board of Henley & Partners, mobility in the world will be “ seriously hampered at least during 2021.” He noted that now more than ever there is a question about the place of residence and about the possibilities of passports.

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